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 Chris Douglas

Greetings! My name is Christian Douglas and I f#*king LOVE music. I have immersed myself in it for over 20 years. As a direct result of this immersion I have emerged a guitarist, drummer, songwriter, audio engineer, producer, and have grown into a more diverse human being.

As an engineer I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of different musicians in many different genres, including but not limited to: Alternative, Country, Punk, Metal (in its many forms), Hip Hop, Folk, Rock, Grind, Ambient, Drum n Bass, Aboriginal round dance, "other"......

I suppose I could add a little bit of history to this content, but who wants to read about some Regina-born Taurus of '82 who's played in bands since highschool and toured and worked at a music store for 10 years where he met his wife who he raises their 2 girls with when he's not in the studio?




Every project is unique and deserves a unique approach. The music is unique. The people who wrote the music are unique. The way they play their instruments........unique. One group or artist will have an extremely defined vision of their product, where another seeks arrangement advice and guidance.

I am as actively involved in or as transparent to the production as I need to be. Communication is the key to success when working with others. Making a record is a process and concerns and ideas need to be met with open ears and minds along the way. You don't have to love the process, but it reeeally helps!




Studio Projects

Here is a list of some of the bands and 
artists that I have worked with in the studio.
For these projects I worked as the recording enigineer, the mixer, a producer, or a combination of these roles.


Adolyne - (engineer)
Agony Spawn - (engineer/mixer)
Ave Sol - (engineer/mixer)
Belladonnas & the Temp - (engineer/mixer)
Boyan on Tour - (engineer/mixer)
Cashed* - (engineer/mixer)
Cold Filtered - (engineer/mixer)
Cquel - (engineer)
Dark Unconscious - (engineer/mixer)
Delusions Of* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Despite the Reverence* - (engineer/mixer/sound design)
DJ Quin* - (engineer)
Electric Grapevine - (engineer/mixer)
Electrohash - (engineer)
Eric Taylor - (mixer)
Ervin - (engineer/mixer)
Future Forests - (engineer/mixer)
Geriatric Rock* - (engineer)
Grizzlyhawk* - (engineer/mixer)
Jezebel - (engineer/mixer)
Johnny Don't - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Killa 1nce* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Kurlz* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Lavagoat* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Lost In The Fire - (engineer/mixer)
Mechanical Separation - (engineer)
Mostly Wanted* - (engineer/mixer)
Noodled - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Patrick & The Others - (engineer/mixer)
Philip Sylvester - (engineer/mixer)
Poser Disposer - (mixer)
Recession Fighter - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Rehashed* - (engineer/mixer)
Rhinkberger - (engineer)
Savage Henry - (engineer/mixer)
Solid College* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Sparky* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Symbiote - (engineer/mixer)
The Basement Paintings (mixer)
The Decline - (engineer/mixer)
The Great Sabatini - (mixer)
The Sneers - (engineer/mixer)
Triad In Blood - (engineer)
Untimely Demise - (engineer/mixer)
Willeum* - (engineer/mixer/producer)
Witherfire - (engineer)
Wolfberry - (engineer/mixer)
You Tel Aviv - (engineer/mixer)
Young Scouts* - (engineer/mixer)

*multiple projects

Live Sound
& Other Exprience

As a live sound technician I have set up and mixed at dozens of large and small venues in and around Saskatchewan. I have also installed sound systems in schools, churches, and other buildings around the province.

Previously, I had worked for Long & McQuade Musical Instruments for about 10 years.
In that time I served as the rental manager and as a salesman in many departments including recording, guitars, drums, and PA (live sound).

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